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Engaging your students with a new CME Web banner

If you have upgraded to LibCode 7 or DAVE, or have joined us recently, have you created/updated your CMEWeb banner?

Here’s a reminder of what we need to create a banner tailored for your library:

1. A graphics file with your school logo, and/or any photos of your library (with or without students – check your school’s policy).

2. What you would like to name your CMEWeb?  Here are some examples:

Some other suggestions include…

  • Research Online,
  • Online Search ,
  • Online Library Catalogue,
  • Online Resources,
  • Resources Online

3. We need to know if you have any special colour schemes, ideas, or motifs that you would like to see in the banner.

Once you have these altogether, please send an email (with the images & logo attached) to so we can get cracking with our Graphics Guru to create a banner that is engaging for your students.

Here are a couple that have been completed recently:

If you’d like to confirm whether your banner is eligible for an update, please give us a call on 07 4638 9025.

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Start of Year Steps – for Libcode 7 and earlier versions

Welcome to the new year.

Here are some steps to help get you off to a great start. We recommend performing these steps in the order below…for Version 7 and previous versions.

1. Backups

LibCode will prompt you to do a backup, if you haven’t performed one in more than 2 weeks. As you’ve not used LibCode over the holidays, it should prompt you as you start opening the modules.

2. “Return” any resources which were returned during or after the holidays

3. Synchronising your Library System with the office system

This is a process to ensure that the borrowers in your Library system match up with the students in the school admin system. Different office systems will require different approaches, so here are links to the different methods in the Online Manual:

If you have any unused groups of borrowers, here are details on how to deal with that.

Also when setting up new Teachers, remember to include their email address so that overdues/unreturned notices can be emailed.

4. Now that your data is up-to-date, perform a fresh export to CMEWeb.

5. Check your barcode scanner(s)



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Bulk Return Of Loans For Borrowers Who Have Left

Bulk Return Of Loans For Borrowers Who Have Left

  1. First you will need to do an External Backup and comprehensively name it e.g. J:\20140508LEFT

  2. Go to Borrowers and place any borrowers who have left the school into a LEFT group.  (This is done automatically for students by using Borrower Synchronisation but you will have to allocate manually for Staff members.)

  3. Go to Utilities > Update > Circulation > Return Loans > Group

  4. Click Yes to the Backup prompt as we have already completed an External Backup

  5. Click on the Group LEFT, then OK

  1. Click Yes to the question below

  1. Records will be returned, Status will be M, Status Date will be marked as the date today and there will be a NOTE on the Barcode record to remind you why this item was marked missing.

  1. Once you use this bulk data change function the number of Copies in the records will need to be corrected… this will happen in your normal backup process BUT… if you are in a hurry you can use the Reset Copies function in Utilities > Update to make it happen straight away!

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StockTake Tips

There are a always a number of ways to attack a stocktake and we have made lots of attempts over the years to document the process…it seems one size does not fit all!

Below you will find a copy of Sandy’s Super-popular Stocktake Steps, as well as a link to the stocktake instructions from our online manual. They have different processes to get you to the same result.

The MOST important thing to note is…
Please READ and FOLLOW the instructions carefully!
(NO skim-reading – get through it Step by Step…it is vital to go through them as stated, to keep your data safe and brain intact!)

Option 1 – The Online Manual… (click link and DO print the Stocktake CheckSheet)

Option 2 – Sandy’s Stocktake Steps… (also included below)

**REMEMBER: To ALWAYS do an external backup BEFORE starting

1. Start a new Stocktake by clicking Utilities/New stocktake

2. Purging : All this does is delete the previous stockfile, no records etc. are deleted, just the file containing when the barcode was entered and barcode number. So there is nothing to worry about as long as you have finished with your previous stocktake, before you begin your next one.

3. Now we need to go to Circulation – Click on Stocktake, then Add to add barcodes

4. Once chosen, enter Parameters and click OK. You may want to start on the Fiction section or between particular Classification Numbers e.g. 100 – 199.99. You may want to use a location, maybe Teacher Resources. Don’t forget to add your M.E. AAA to ZZZZZ.

** Remember there are a number of ways to scan your items:

  • By bringing the resources to the main library or circulation desk, where they are scanned directly into the computer.
  • By using a portable memory scanner that will allow you to take the scanner to the location of the resources. Resource barcodes are scanned and stored in your portable scanner and then downloaded into LibCode Suite. This option saves you carrying loads of resources to the computer and speeds up stocktake (Further information is available at LibCode Help Online – Stocktake using a Cipher Lab Memory Scanner).
  • A laptop can also be used, although you will require a Barcode Scanner with a USB connection and a USB Pen Drive for backups. (If this is the direction you want to go, further information is available at LibCode Help Online – Adding to the Stockfile)

5. Appending a file.

You can scan your barcodes into a Text File (right click on the desktop, go to New, then Text File and ensure you name it with the Section and Date so you remember which file to append!). Then follow the steps below:

** If more than one person is scanning ensure that you keep your files in the same place.

6. Exporting files – go to Circulation/Stocktake/Export/Export

You will then be able to access this report to load barcodes into any LibCode stocktake.

7. View – Circulation/Stocktake/View – This will give a report of matched records. Don’t forget M.E.

8. Reports: The reports are here so you can view and check on your process. Also when you are in Circulation you can view the Loans Found report, this is not available in the Utilities Module. Please make sure you return these resources before you continue with your stocktake.




9. Reconciling : Before reconciling, print a Found Items Report : Stocktake/Report/Found, then set your parameters. 10. You can then set your parameters and Click OK.

11. You can use the defaults button to reconcile all items in your stocktake but remember to reset your defaults when you use the Mark Missing Report shown below. ** Please do a Backup before you run the Mark Missing Report**

12. Don’t forget to reset your defaults…

13. Write off means that all Items marked missing will be marked written off. This is not necessary as items can be culled by date when marked missing e.g. culling items missing for over two years can be done globally.


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