A Simpler solution for your eBooks and Electronic Resources

Why should I care about eBooks?
There’s lots of talk at the moment about the best way to approach ebooks, audio books and any other electronic resources in school Libraries. As electronic resources become more common alternatives to physical books, there are many questions about how to manage them…

How do I deal with licencing? Where are the files stored? How do I loan them out? Do I check them in before loaning them to another user? What are my responsibilities?

Several technologies have been emerging in recent months which help manage your electronic resources. However, as always, there are important factors to weigh up when deciding on the best solution for your library.

Some important questions to ask suppliers should include:

  1. Is there a minimum fee every year? If so, what do I get for that?
  2. What if I change suppliers – do I lose access to the electronic resources I’ve bought through you?
  3. Do you supply Australian content?
  4. Is your software easy to install?
  5. Does your software work on all devices? (eg iPad/iPhone, Android, Kobo, mac, PC)
  6. What are the total costs involved? (Up front and annual)
  7. Is your system tailored for school environments?
  8. How is data secured?

Choosing the wrong supplier could cost you dearly.

If you are already subscribed to an eBook provider, it may be worth making sure you have the answers to these questions to make sure you’re getting everything you expect!

What do I need to know?
While looking into the option currently available in the market, we have found a great supplier who happens to be based across the Tasman in New Zealand.

Wheelers Books, well known for supplying physical books to schools, are now offering a platform that manages your electronic resources.

Of the platforms currently available, Wheelers Books’ have ticked all of boxes.

We are also interested in a new platform being developed by Bolinda Digital (an Australian distributor)

What do I need to do?
By visiting Wheelers’ website (www.wheelersbooks.com.au/info/ebooks), you can get more info on how their system works.

Once you have an e-platform set up (whether it is Wheelers Books, or any other online OPAC), you can add a link to that online OPAC from the LibCode Suite. It is simply a case of adding that link as a resource in Data Management.

That means that if you already have an online OPAC, such as CME Web, you can add a link from your Library catalogue right now!

What if…
If you’d like more details about online OPACs, feel free to get in touch with us at LibCode by phone ((07) 4638 9025) or email (support@LibCode.com.au).

Alternatively, you can contact Wheelers Books by phone (1800 033 057) or email (info@wheelersbooks.com.au).

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