Backup Protocol

2013 Newsletter 01 – 03

Decide on your Backup Protocol – and let everyone know!

If you say: “Backups, what are they?  Why do I need to do those? My tech does them…”  Then please click the Backups link just below the banner on this blog and have a good read, then come back here!

Right, now you are familiar with what is involved and why each backup is necessary you can create your own ‘Backup Protocol’.  It is vital that you and all your staff know where your LibCode System runs from (see below for where you can find this) and what your fall back is should the worst happen to your school, school server or library machines…

For older LibCode – this can be found down towards the bottom left hand side of the LibCode Main Menu – LCSuite.exe under Data Folder

For LibCode 7 – in the tab ‘Working Folders’ you will see the location next to ‘Data:’

As usual, if you have any questions please call us!


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