We CANNOT stress this enough – DO YOUR BACKUPS – please!

All three!

There are ALWAYS factors beyond your and our control that can cause data to be lost… be it a  server crash over the weekend, a lightning strike, or the worst; more natural disasters…

All of these make it so important to be doing your back ups…

Simply head to Utilities in your software and you will see “Backup/Restore” within this there are three backup options.  All three are important to be done regularly – we recommend daily!  This protects your data and assists us giving you the best support possible if things go wrong.

The three back up options and their relevant importance:

Backup: This sends a copy of your data to the same place on your server that your LibCode/TextTracker is running from.  We do this because even though your school may do tape backups or something similar this data is all self contained and EASILY accessible by you in the library.

Alternate Backup: This backup is essential should your school server crash or be under maintenance and you need to use LibCode while the network is down… The Alternate Backup saves a copy of LibCode onto the actual computer you are sitting at. Alternate Backup should go to D:\CMESafe (if you are an EQ school) or C:\CMESafe for other users. This is a copy of Software AND Data.

External Backup: If your school burns down/is flooded/blown away/swallowed by the earth or a network connection problem AND you have a current external back up you can: A) Reload LibCode on to a stand alone machine and use LibCode as if nothing had happened… B) Claim insurance (with great detail) on all the resources you lost!  You should have at leat 3 USB drives/sticks and use them in turn… don’t put all your eggs in the same basket! There is an Add Date button on the screen that you SHOULD use each day so you are keeping an archive of backups you can go back to if a data rescue is ever needed.

For more information on backups head to our online manual:

One Response to Backups

  1. Laurel Shaw says:

    Can’t agree more! I had personal experience of the importance of back-ups just last week when Libcode disappeared from our server (Along with SMS!). Because I had all back-ups the process of continuing to operate was seamless and painless.

    Please back-up everything each day!

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