Bulk Return Of Loans For Borrowers Who Have Left

Bulk Return Of Loans For Borrowers Who Have Left

  1. First you will need to do an External Backup and comprehensively name it e.g. J:\20140508LEFT

  2. Go to Borrowers and place any borrowers who have left the school into a LEFT group.  (This is done automatically for students by using Borrower Synchronisation but you will have to allocate manually for Staff members.)

  3. Go to Utilities > Update > Circulation > Return Loans > Group

  4. Click Yes to the Backup prompt as we have already completed an External Backup

  5. Click on the Group LEFT, then OK

  1. Click Yes to the question below

  1. Records will be returned, Status will be M, Status Date will be marked as the date today and there will be a NOTE on the Barcode record to remind you why this item was marked missing.

  1. Once you use this bulk data change function the number of Copies in the records will need to be corrected… this will happen in your normal backup process BUT… if you are in a hurry you can use the Reset Copies function in Utilities > Update to make it happen straight away!

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