CME Web – simple updates, massive benefits…

Why have we made changes?
CME Web is LibCode’s online OPAC, allowing students, parents and staff to search your school’s catalogue from anywhere.

Whilst CME Web is a powerful tool for brainstorming and researching, ease of use is critical for all users.

Rather than creating lots of training on to get the most out of the program, we felt it was better to make things available in one click.

What changes have been made?
Overall, our intention with these updates is to give CME Web a more logical search interface, and include functionality that people are used to with online search engines.

The changes include:
1. Search Suggestions List:
As a user types letters into the search box, a list will drop down to show possible search phrases based on the letters typed in so far. This function has become popular in internet search engines.

Search Suggestions screen

However, this function also offers suggestions for ALL partial words in the search box. For example ‘fil dir’ would suggest ‘Films – Production and direction’, despite neither word being completed in the search box.

2. Email Button:
An “email” button which allows you to email a link to anyone for your current page. This means you can perform a search (eg for a teacher or class), and email them a link to the results list you find.

CME Web's new email button

You can use this function to email anyone a link for ANY page in CME web.

3. More Hyerlinks:
We have included more hyperlinks in the titles/words of search results, making it easier to go directly to the results you’re after when searching.

CME Web now has more hyperlinks to make it easier to go directly to the information you're hunting for.

How do I access these changes?
These changes are already there for you. All you need to do is login to your school’s CME web page.

What if…?
To have your CME Web password reset, please contact support for assistance.

If your school doesn’t have an online OPAC yet, or you have other functions that you would like to see in LibCode software, please get in touch with us at LibCode support by phone ((07) 4638 9025) or email (

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