Keep your data…

2013 Newsletter 01 – 02

Keep your data… (including the stuff you would normally delete!)

Once you have checked your data before you do ANYTHING else do a backup and create a permanent copy of this. One of the cool things coming soon in LibCode 7 is long term stats so we need this old info later!
So, please follow these instructions:
- Open the Utilities Module / Backup/Restore / External Backup / All
- Click Yes
If you’re saving to a USB:

1. Browse to your USB Stick, Click Add Date Folder button and change the data folder details that appear to something unique so you can find it again easily, for example 2012endofyearbackup or 20130116backupof2012 – Click OK, then YES

2. Once the backup is complete, eject your USB Stick and put it somewhere safe and memorable!! (or just remember which USB has this special backup on it!)

If you’re burning a CD:

1. Browse to your documents or somewhere you are familiar with so you can find it again, Add Date Folder and (just like for USB example) call your backup something unique so you can recognise it easily, for example 2012endofyearbackup or 20130116backupof2012 – Click OK, then YES

2. Once the backup is complete you will need to burn that folder to CD (if you are unsure how to do this feel free to give us a call or ask your local IT guru)
If you’ve never done a backup before or you would like a brush up on what they each are and how to do them then follow instructions here.


*** As you probably know, last year we started rolling our our new LibCode 7 Software!  One of these software updates will allow you to generate more detailed and long term statistics relevant to your collection and borrowers.  In order to take advantage of these new capabilities, we suggest that you no longer cull borrowers or resources; just ensure they are either in the ‘Left’ Group (borrowers) or ‘Written Off’ (resources)…  Also, don’t ‘Prune Returned Loans’.  All will become clear!  If none of this makes sense please feel free to give us a call!  We also have a Plan B!

*** If you REALLY can’t stand having old borrowers and written off resources in your system then do a backup of your data before you start deleting and cleaning up and put it away for future use.

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