LibCode Crew bolstered by Library Gurus!

Wooo hooo! A big welcome to two new members of the LibCode Support Team. With new software on the horizon we need some more help with useful ideas, real world training and in school experience… we’ve found it!

Sandra Vince – Sandra got our attention some time ago when she solved a LibCode technical problem that had us all stumped… “Hey, I was just thinking about it over the weekend and I thought maybe…” was where it all started. Sandra brings a wealth of experience in School Library world to the Crew… 9 years running Libraries in Primary AND High school situations… just what we needed, real world recent experience! Obviously Sandra has the passion and of course the sense of humour it takes to join our Team so you can expect some awesome improvements in our ability to deliver useful software, timely information and great expert support…

Sandra lives in Gladstone so once we sort out the snazzie phone system over the holidays it will seem like she’s in the main office taking calls, running workshops and trying to make our instructions more readable! (I can’t imagine how that is even possible?!?! ;-) )

From Sandra…

“Hi Fellow Librarians, after quite a few years in school libraries I decided to make the jump over to the software side of things (the dark side???).  What can I say, it’s all plusses, taking great software and making it even better….  While I can’t solve the problems of the world, I can usually help solve any problems you may have with LibCode (not that there are many).

I’m looking forward to speaking/meeting you all in the future.

Yours in LibCode
PS – I have a sneaking suspicion Tony knew he needed me after I gave him some technical support on a problem, which put him out of his misery some time back.”


Lesley Thurlow – I met Lesley at a LibCode workshop (she had setup 2 schools from scratch and taught herself LibCode totally from the Online Manual…) “Hey! That’s not in the Online Manual?!?!” is my recollection of Lesley’s first input that day and after teaching me a few LibCode tricks I didn’t know about, we got talking. Lesley has worked with EQ in Libraries and in IT Helpdesk for X years and has a bent for Education, Community Building around the Library and E-Learning… she took me seriously when I suggested we could use her passion and skill set in the LibCode Team and when an opportunity for her to go Part-Time with EQ came up Lesley gave me a follow up call! Again, real world in School experience by the truck load… Lesley is helping us develop and deliver new training methods and will also be hooked in to the new phone system from Brisbane like she’s right here with us.

From Lesley…

“I am looking forward to joining the LibCode team to provide support and training for the software.  I am excited to be part of the new version.    I have automated 3 school libraries and had experience in ICT facilitation and support for nearly 10 years.  Looking forward to working with you all!”




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