OneSchool Borrower Synchronisation Instructions!

So you’re running OneSchool in your Admin, you’ve rolled over LibCode and or TextTracker to the EQ IDs and now it’s time to synchronise your new borrowers….. read on!

Special thanks to those who have helped create and test these Instructions!

If you don’t want or need addresses please follow the instructions at this link:

Otherwise the instructions below are very similar just give you more student information.

Stage One: The file/report you need from OneSchool

1. In One School: Reports

2. Data export reports

3. Student Mailing List… (You probably can’t get at this export… you’ll need a OneSchool guru (with Supa Dupa Login rights))

It is VERY IMPORTANT here that you make sure that ‘Receives Correspondence Only’ is ticked before you save the data as a .csv file to a USB Stick.

Stage Two: LibCode (make sure you have updated to version 6.79 – here for instructions AND already completed the OneSchool Rollover – here for instructions)  TextTracker (make sure you have updated to version 6.55 – here for instructions AND already completed the OneSchool Rollover – here for instructions)

1. Backup

2. Utilities / Update / Circulation / Synchronise Borrowers / Text File

3. Tick Skip first row and match all fields with Borrower No etc.

4. All done, check your data and if you have any problems call us straight away!

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