Stocktake Reconciliation

Stocktake Reconciliation – Add “Last Stocktake Date”
Lots of people start a stocktake, zap HEAPS of resources and then it all gets a bit crazy… if you have not confidently completed the stocktake process you might want to “Reconcile” before you start lending and returning, is reconciling what stocktake info you have.  Otherwise all your scanning work will have gone to waste!  To find instructions head here

If you are wanting more assistance with a stocktake don’t forget to check out Sandy’s great instructions here

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Collection Stats

Collection Statistics – Get to know your collection…
Running this report is a good way to get to know your collection and the different Continue reading

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Borrower Sync & Circulation Setup

Borrower Synchronisation & Circulation Setup

Get your borrower info up to date!

  1. Do you need to synchronise your borrower information (ie bring in the details of your new student borrowers and update your existing ones)? If so click here for instructions
  2. Once you have synchronised your borrowers you should clean up your Groups
    1. Utilities > update > circulation > unused groups… yes to permanently remove unused groups
  3. Head to Utilities > Reports > Borrower Barcodes where you can print your borrower barcodes to make your lending and returning process faster.  For more information click here
  4. To continue to chase up overdue/unreturned loans follow the instructions here to view what is still outstanding and to create letters head here 
  5. Get your Circulation options set:
    1. Loan cut-off dates
      1. Utilities > setup > circulation options > staff loan extensions, loan period extensions, loan cut-off dates… all take you to the same screen
    2. Reservation expiry periods
      1. Utilities > setup > circulation options > reservation expiry… to set automatic expiry of reservations in queue


If you are an EQ school and wanting to add the EQ email addresses of your students stay tuned, we will be writing up some instructions for you to come out soon!


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Backup Protocol

2013 Newsletter 01 – 03

Decide on your Backup Protocol – and let everyone know!

If you say: “Backups, what are they?  Continue reading

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Keep your data…

2013 Newsletter 01 – 02

Keep your data… (including the stuff you would normally delete!)

Once you have checked your data before you do ANYTHING else Continue reading

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