Referendum – Support Days… What works for you?

We’ve had quite a few clients requesting a change in support days.

Three days a week incoming calls is working for us because it allows us two days a week for outgoing calls, development, emergencies, etc.  So, what we are proposing is changing support days…

Currently – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Suggested – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Before we commit to this we want to know what you think!

Leave us your comments or other suggestions below.


Thank you for your comments below and for contacting us directly regarding support days.

As of the week starting Monday, February 13, we will commence the new support day-timetable being Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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7 Responses to Referendum – Support Days… What works for you?

  1. Judith Schultz says:

    The current support days work well for Christian Outreach College, but the suggested change would work equally as well.

  2. Colleen Dunn says:

    Folks as long as you are there via the phone 3 days a week then which days it is becomes irrelevant. You are always there via email on the ‘offdays’ anyway so I’m happy regardless!! Keep up the great work and thanks for always sounding like you are smiling when I ring up!

  3. Sherryle Nolan says:

    Either arrangement is okay for us.

  4. Amy Holt says:

    We like the current setup, but as long as it is still 3 days a week, we can work around it.

  5. Seems odd to write a comment saying I have no comment. But at least this way you know another person has considered the question.
    I suspect the people who have strong opinions will be those whose library is not staffed full time. I (on the other hand) am at work until 5:30pm (your time) and it always seems I want to call you just before closing time (when you guys have knocked off and are enjoying a well earned beverage). But then, even if you did extend your hours (and I don’t seriously need you to), it would be useless as the office staff put the STD bar on all the phones when they close up for the day.

  6. libcode says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    It’ll take a few days to figure out all the places that we have written the old days (Monday-Wednesday-Friday), but we’ll be implementing new support days in a couple of weeks.

    This will make it easier to deliver our 3 day hotline and allow us to travel for workshops.

  7. Lee Williams says:

    As long as we can hear your lovely voices on the phone 3 days a week, we are happy to go with the changes you propose.

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